Museum Exhibits
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Mississippi Children's Museum

The Mississippi Forestry Foundation, with the support of the MFA Communications Committee, MFA officers and individual members, and county forestry associations, raised over $250,000 to fund a forestry exhibit at the Mississippi Children's Museum (MCM).  MCM opened in 2010 and the museum's goal is to provide a unique and exciting educational experience that ignites and inspires a thirst for discovery, knowledge, and learning in all children.  The forestry exhibit enables children to operate a model chain saw or operate a kid-sized skidder while wearing orange reflective vests and hardhats.  The Foundation continues to support the museum in order to fulfill its original commitment and maintain the quality of the exhibit.


Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

The visionary leadership, fundraising, and dedicated effort led by the Mississippi Forestry Foundation with the support of MFA, its Communications Committee, and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science’s staff, led to the opening of the the Towering Treasures exhibit at the museum in 2004.  Towering Treasures, acting as an extension of the natural forest outside the Museum at LeFleur’s Bluff State Park, allows visitors to discover that forest trees and ecosystems are shared habitats that support an interconnected biological community.  Guests can explore the different parts of a tree and other elements of the surrounding forest ecosystem while learning about the biological and economical value of trees.


Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum

Updates have been made to the sawmill exhibit at the Mississippi Agriculture & Forestry Museum. Through the support of the Communications Committee, the museum staff has made changes to the exhibit that will allow the sawmill to run more frequently for museum visitors. Funding was provided for permanent signage that will explain the processes of the mill and highlight the importance of forestry in Mississippi.  Funding was also provided to construct an observation deck where visitors can view the sawmill.